Top 5 AI trends of 2021 That YOU need to be Aware of!

Ai is increasingly gaining momentum; sheering even when faced obstructive challenges that the pandemic brought. Quite the contrary could have been anticipated as a halt for the situation for some industries, this year brings a lot of exciting research, development and finalized products to the customer.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a very modest field of productive matter. It’s a field that the Tesla giant makes much use for in their well known gigafactories. Further progress is being made to automate a lot of processes that often are associated with repetitive, kinetic motion. Machine learning, image processing and sensors are commonly contributors to this aspect.

It is evidently going to be more and more robots handling the factories so that the humans can focus on more creative problems.

Intelligent Process Automation

IPA for short, is a field of conjugating big data into tangible signals apprehendable by humans. Say you have collected user data regarding car metrics; with IPA you’re able to make use of real world happenings by instantiating the results on a piece of paper. Humans sometimes take this superpower for granted; it is vital that it doesn’t get abused as we have seen with scandals such as Cambridge Analytica.

Cyber security + AI

Cyber security is an important field that many are unaware of. Phishing attempts, keyloggers, SQL-injections and even more advanced techniques that sometimes harm banks. AI is able to adapt to new environments. Wherever an algorithm fails to recognize an attack such as a DOS, AI is more able to behave like a super-human; combining both performance and adaptability.

AI and IOT

My personal favorite; IOT and AI combines the most exciting prevalence of what storytellers such as the creators of the Matrix eloquently tried to tell. It brings an inspiring act when talented people behind companies such as Boston Dynamics show of their dogs, and they’re able to ‘dynamically’ show gestures. AI still has decades to go potentially before their true potential becomes publicly known. Until then, the brains behind the machine is a human operating it with a joystick or a predefined set of actions.

AI-based chatbots

Probably unexpected, but great steps are being made towards creating a more interactive customer experience. In many cases do support tickets come with a generic request that has already been requested before. An AI can do the more repetitive tasks while humans focus on more intricate subjects that require adaptive problem solving.

Face morphing

Maybe not terribly useful for what attention it has gotten in the media, it’s still an impressive move towards putting a face on another body, not to mention creating new faces. The surrealistic idea is combined with realism. It almost looks too real and maybe it is to some extent.

Performance Increase

Tech giants like NVIDIA, Qualcomm and AMD have implemented AI in their chips, which has resulted in higher performance. AI-infused processors allow for a multitude of decisions to be made. How to sort data, in which order to process the information. A lot of these have been implemented, but without getting too excited it’s important to mention that it’s still in experimental phases. This will likely be the next successor for increasing performance now that transistors are faced with ‘the point of diminishing returns’.


A lot of interesting things are happening in the AI scene. This post was meant to be written for laymen that are not actively working in the AI-scene themselves, but rather to give an overview of what’s happening on a high level. I’m currently compressing a list of interesting research papers that I think will bring massive adoption to the industries that partially are listed above.

Note: AI is seeing an immense upwards trajectory so mentioning all fields is practically beyond reasoning for a medium post. Therefore, this list is entirely based on personal opinion and should not be noted as anything except entertainment and basic information to keep up with the industry development as a whole.




I write about AI-related topics and publish on the weekends. I’m interested in empowering people towards having an impact as the optimal way of getting there.

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Adam Henderix

Adam Henderix

I write about AI-related topics and publish on the weekends. I’m interested in empowering people towards having an impact as the optimal way of getting there.

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